April 7th to April 25th

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Around the dinner table sits the loud, contentious siblings of the Castellano family. They have come together to maintain their tradition of eating macaroni and meatballs at SUNDAY DINNER following the recent death of their parents.  But one of them has a major confession that threatens to unravel their beloved tradition.


Don Faneli wrote SUNDAY DINNER almost seven years ago to highlight his writing attempt to expand his career beyond almost exclusively an actor to that point.  The inspiration for the story came from Don's real life, where he started to get eye rolls and "Talking To's" after trying to update some sacred family recipes and introduce the concept of healthy eating to his hardcore Italian-American family.  Some things are worth the wait, as it was made reality by the perfect collection of director, producers, cast, and crew at Big Mischief Productions for this project.


Darren Miller - DonFanelli.jpg

Don Fanelli (Writer, Actor, Executive Producer) 

Grew up in Northern New Jersey and graduated with an engineering degree which he used for approximately 11 months. He is a veteran in sketch comedy performing in 2015 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and was a series regular on the PopTV show NIGHTCAP. He has improvised with Paul Rudd, Michael J. Fox, Whoopie Goldberg, and Julianne Moore. He has appeared in such shows as BROAD CITY, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, INSIDE AMY SCHUMERand ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING.  He wrote the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater Series TRYING and the IFC Comedy Crib series WEDDING SEASON with his wonderfully talented wife, Laura Willcox. 

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Kevin Mead (Director, Executive Producer) 


Born and raised in Pawling, NY. He recently got an MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute. His work includes IN PURSUIT (Palm Springs Intl FF, Rhode Island Intl FF, Dances with Films), the Fullscreen series H8TERS, and videos for Funny Or Die, College Humor, etc. He co-wrote EDISON/TESLA/BRIAN/DAVE (winner 2012 Off-Off-Broadway Play Festival, published by Samuel French) with producer Darren Miller. And he is currently writing/directing his first feature, THE LAST PARTY DAVE WILL EVER GO TO with production company, 

Darren Miller - DarrenMiller.jpg

Darren Miller (Producer, Executive Producer) 

Head of Programming and produces original sketches and series at Funny Or Die.  Additionally, he produces short films with his own production company, Big Mischief (BM). BM was created as a passion project to make short films with some of the talented artists he has been lucky enough to meet or work with over the years. BM supports projects that fall outside the scope of his work at Funny Or Die.  Previously, he co-wrote/produced STARTUPS (Finalist, Comedy Central Independent Pilot Competition, NYTVF), and EDISON/TESLA/BRIAN/DAVE (Winner, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Competition). He has led SUNDAY DINNER through Production, the ongoing Film Festival Process and now a Film Partner with Tremonster Films.  Big Mischief also produced “Wipes” released later this year at Tremonster Films.


Gene gets up day after day and follows the same monotonous routine and has given up on the future.  Today, however, he awakens with a new determination to end the life he has known. Today, there is a new resolve that will change the course of everything.


Born as a concept piece moving backwards from the ending, A BEAUTIFUL DAY is a collaboration of  incredibly accomplished and decorated cast and crew.  The film is led by Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor James Brolin (CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, ANTWONE FISHER and SISTERS and the hit ABC drama MARCUS WELBY, MD). It also stars acclaimed actress of stage and screen, Frances Fisher (UNFORGIVEN, TRUE CRIME, and the iconic TITANIC). The film is directed by Oscar Nominated cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, who has worked on multiple pictures with directors Alexander Payne and James Mangold and received an Oscar Nomination for NEBRASKA & currently for THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7. He was joined by an all-star crew including Director of Photography, Corey Geryak (THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY), and producers Casey Cannon (MEN IN BLACK, JERRY MCGUIRE, CONGO) and Angeliki Giannapokoulos (MY CHILD, MOTHERS OF WAR).


Angeliki-Headshot-Circle- copy.png

Angeliki Giannakopoulos (Writer, Producer)

“My mission is to create art through stories that penetrate the heart...”

Angeliki has led A BEAUTIFUL DAY through production the Film Festival process and now a Film Partner with Tremonster Films.  Has 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, from her early days as a stage actor to playwright and screenwriter to editor to eventually producer.  In addition to still being active in productions, she also works as a mentor to young filmmakers from outside the Hollywood system as Founder of The LA Greek Film Fest and Director of Development with the Indian Film Festival in LA. She is now working as Executive Director on the feature length MISS MACY with a predictably impressive crew supporting her.


A funny little diddy about a musician's lyrics hitting a little too close to home.


Originally conceived, written, and performed as a sketch by Greg Felden at Second City Los Angeles, JUST A SONG was inspired by his sympathies for anyone having to make sense of dating a writer (himself included). Seeing the response, Greg enlisted trusted friend and collaborator Gina Hirsch to capture it on film for a wider audience. JUST A SONG has since had a sustained festival run with nearly a dozen stops, winning Audience and Special Jury Mention prizes along the way.


Greg Felden - GregFelden-117.jpg

GREG FELDEN (Writer/Producer/Actor) Greg is a musician, writer, and actor based in Los Angeles. He is a staple of the local Americana, folk, and country scene, with music featured on the Netflix show GRACE AND FRANKIE. Greg appeared on shows like MAD MEN and COLD CASE, on stage in New York and as a voice actor in animation. He is a graduate of Yale School of Drama and Second City Los Angeles, where he first wrote and performed JUST A SONG.  Greg has helped lead this project through production, the film festival process and now is a Film Partner with Tremonster Films.

Greg Felden - Gina Hirsch - Director.jpg

GINA HIRSCH (Director/Editor/Producer) Gina is a director and editor based in Los Angeles, California. Her first short film as a director, YOU MOVE ME, played at over 50 festivals worldwide. Gina's editing credits include SWEETHEART (Sundance, Blumhouse/ Universal), THE MUMMY (Universal), BRIARPATCH (TIFF premiere, USA Network), additional editing on JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM (Lion's Gate) and the upcoming DMZ, directed by Ava DuVernay (HBO Max). JUST A SONG is her first collaboration with Greg Felden.

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