Let's work together.

We offer several ways to bring our quality short films and web-based platform to your audience. Review the opportunities below and get in touch to start a conversation.

À La Carte Mini Fest

Are you a film-related organization looking to hold your own online film festival? Put our platform to work for you. Simply provide us with a collection of your curated films as .mp4 files and promote the event to your target audience. We'll do the rest!

In exchange, you'll receive a share of the proceeds and valuable exposure to our dedicated Tremonster Films audience, who you may wish to engage in future marketing campaigns.

By collaborating with us for a Mini Fest, here is what you receive:

  • Your own à la carte Mini Fest on our web-based platform
  • Credit card payment processing
  • Marketing access to our Tremonster Audience at a discounted price
  • Split proceeds
  • Future marketing opportunities
  • Aggregate audience to build community

Tremonster Films Channel

Interested in having an ongoing relationship with us? Consider starting a Tremonster Films Channel.

Perfect for schools and production companies, a Tremonster Films Channel is the same as Mini Fest but with a continuing commitment. With a channel, you release new content regularly to your own dedicated section of our website, which remains private to your subscribers.

We then collaborate with you on programming ideas and release schedules to ensure your audience is always on the edge of their seats!

Let's talk today.